Frecuently Asked Questions

What is ?
It is an online point of sale restaurant platform. That is, it is an internet site where we can create a business account for your restaurant and where you can register the different products you sell and their prices. So you can sell not only in your restaurant but also outside of it to customers at home, work or office. Very similar to the most popular food applications that currently exist. Enter our app using google chrome from your computer or cell phone by typing

Why is it called ?
Because the application was created by a group of developers who are mostly from Culiacan, Sin. Mexico. And Culiacan is located at latitude 24 on the globe. Previously it was called

Can it be downloaded on my cell phone ?

Does it have any cost for my clients ?

Do I need to have internet in my restaurant ?

If they steal my computer where I have the app installed, do they also steal my business information ?
No. we do not store information on your computer, tablet or cell phone. Everything is stored on our internet servers throughout the month.

What happens if I no longer want to use the application ?
Contract it for only one month and if you no longer like it send us an email and we will deactivate your account without extra costs.